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Every film is protected by copyright.

Recording video and sound during a movie constitutes a criminal act of copyright infringement.  Every attempt is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – because video piracy is not a trivial offense, but instead causes significant financial damage each year.

This damage not only affects movie theaters, studios, and distributors, but in the end also hurts the consumer due to higher ticket prices, higher prices for videos and DVDs, and a reduction in the variety of available films. As such, anyone that produces, sells, consumes, or simply tolerates pirated materials in their environment hurts themselves and other movie lovers.

But the film industry also suffers a significant loss of revenue from a variety of other forms of piracy.

In reaction to this fact, Constantin Film actively combats piracy with a three-pronged strategy:
Supply, Education, and Criminal Prosecution.


Extensive partnerships exist with all the major video-on-demand services. Further information can be found here.

Criminal Prosecution

On the one hand, Constantin Film takes extensive action against illegal downloads offered by file sharing sites. The company also takes similar action against websites or hosting companies that make our films illegally available to stream or download. In this context, we equally pursue the operators of such sites as well as the uploaders that make illegally viewing our material possible in the first place.


If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact anti-piraterie@constantin-film.de


Educating consumers about internet piracy is extremely important to Constantin Film.  As a result, the company supports the long-term educational activities of the GVU. With its anti-piracy ad competition, Constantin Film actively called on young internet users to help educate the public. In this context, dedicated young talents from film academies and private film schools were given the opportunity to publicize a difficult issue like film piracy in a creative way, and above all mobilize young film fans in the fight against film piracy.