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is the Chairman of the Executive Board at Constantin Film. In this capacity, Mr. Moszkowicz is responsible for the company's film business, including worldwide production and distribution, world sales, marketing and publicity as well as corporate communication and legal affairs. On March 6, 2019 Martin Moszkowicz was appointed Honorary Professor at HFF Munich (University of Television and Film Munich).

As producer, executive producer, co-producer Mr. Moszkowicz has been involved in well over 300 nationally and internationally successful feature films and numerous television shows. Recent projects include RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER (2017), FACK JU GOEHTE 3 (2017), THIS CRAZY HEART (2017), WHAT ABOUT ADOLF? (2018), POLAR (2019), THE COLLINI CASE (2019), THE SILENCE (2019), DAS PERFEKTE GEHEIMNIS (2019), DRAGON RIDER (2020) and MONSTER HUNTER (2020).

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FRANZ WOODTLI (born 1953),

is the company’s Chief Film and Home Entertainment Officer. After vocational training and long-term experience in the field of consumer electronics, in 1985 he began working for Rainbow Video AG in Switzerland, a subsidiary of Highlight Communications AG. He has been a general manager since 1990, responsible for sales for both Rainbow companies in Switzerland and Austria. In 1999, he was given responsibility for the Home Entertainment business within the Highlight Group. Franz Woodtli has been a member of the executive board of Constantin Film AG since May 2004. His areas of business as the Chief Movie and Home Entertainment Sales Officer are home entertainment, distribution/sales, as well as the exploitation of ancillary rights.

HANNS BEESE (born 1962),

Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for the following areas of the company: finance, staff, invoicing, risk management, information technology, administration, and organization. After completing a vocational training program in business and earning a business degree, he worked as a management accountant for Metallgesellschaft AG in Frankfurt from 1990 to 1994. After working on a wide variety of international expansion projects as a commercial project manager at Deutsche Post AG in Bonn from 1994 to 1996, at the end of 1996 he returned to Metallgesellschaft and became commercial director responsible for partnerships in Frankfurt, London, and New York. When Metallgesellschaft split up within the scope of an IPO in 1999, and divested itself of its metal trading activities, Hanns Beese became a member of the executive board of the newly founded spin-off MG plc, London, and later general manager of Emetra Ltd., London. In 2003, he began a new position as CFO of GoIndustry AG, Munich. Beese has been a member of the executive board of Constantin Film AG since October 2004.

OLIVER BERBEN (born 1971),

has joined the Constantin Film AG Managing Board January 1 2017. The newly created division “TV, Entertainment and Digital Media” concentrates the development and manufacture of all national and international productions of the company that are not intended for cinema exploitation.  Oliver Berben founded the MOOVIE GmbH in 1996, which became a subsidiary of Constantin Film AG in 1999. In January 2009, Oliver Berben also assumed the position of Managing Director "Production" of Constantin Film Produktion GmbH.

All in all, Oliver Berben has produced more than 180 films and series for television and cinema. His current TV projects include THE VERDICT (2016), DAS SACHER. IN BESTER GESELLSCHAFT (2017), SHADES OF GUILT I + II (2015, 2017), THE TYPIST (2018), PERFUME (2018) and BIER ROYAL (2019) as well as the internationally successful TV series SHADOWHUNTERS.

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